Achieve your blockchain & crypto projects

We help you on your whole project, from staff training to the development of production phase ready blockchain and crypto applications

Our services

Our experts are by your side at every step of your blockchain & crypto projects

Conferences and training sessions

We provide training session and conferences for your staff, in order to make them “autonomous” on blockchain and crypto related topics. We help decision-makers shape a strategical vision on these subjects in order to position your company to get the most out of them.

Advisory and strategy

Ideation workshops, studies, benchmarks : we put our expertise at your service in order to foster new innovative ideas for your company, so that you can imagine new future services and get a competitive edge.

Project scoping

We study your project in details, in order to technically and functionally scope it. This allows you to precise your goals, foresee any associated risks and lower the costs associated with every step of the future project.

Due diligences and audits

We audit blockchain projects or products, be it technical-, legal- or governance-wise. We provide you with recommendations, whether you are considering an investment or a strategic partnership.

Tailored technical development

Our team of expert engineers provide you with tailored development capacity, from proof of concept to production phase ready project.


We study and experiment the impact of decentralized web technologies (ZKP, IPFS, encryption, Self Sovereign Identity…) for your activity.

Our clients

We have worked with nearly two thirds of the CAC 40


Banque de France - general support and advisory

We have been helping Banque de France since 2016 on their strategic thoughts and projects regarding blockchains and crypto-assets.

ANFR - technical development of the “blockchain for radio frequencies”

We have developed a blockchain solution for the French National Agency for Frequencies a in order to manage “free frequencies”, such as WiFi.

Losinger Marazzi - development of a voting solution

ForLosinger Marazzi, subsidiary of Bouygues group, we have scoped and developed a voting application for an eco-suburb, using ZKP technologies.

Managing team

Alexandre Stachtchenko

General Manager

Stanislas Barthelemi

Advisory Manager

Charles Aubert Couturier

Head of projects

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