About us

The team of experts who help you accelerate your blockchain & crypto projects

Our story

Blockchain partner was born in 2017 from the merging of Blockchain France and Labo Blockchain, two companies founded in 2015. We gather a pluridisciplinary team of experts passionate with decentralized web technologies and specialized in blockchains & cryptoassets.

Our mission

Our ambition is to allow companies and institutions to best grasp and use the opportunities brought by the new digital economy, by relying on high quality strategic, technical, analytical skills on blockchains & cryptoassets. 

Our convictions

Blockchains, cryptocurrencies and decentralized web constitute a new digital economy, still emerging, that matches several current issues : growing defiance towards centralized institutions, need for transparency, problems raised by the concentration of power in the hands of the GAFA… This new economy will become massive in the mid-run. 

We are convinced that the true disruptive innovations are brought by public blockchains & digital assets, and that permissionned blockchains are just an optional transitional step. 

Our strengths

We don’t have any capital or financial link with any particular blockchain protocol. This allows us to remain neutral in our choices, especially technical ones. Our teams hence work on several different protocols (Ethereum, Tezos, Thundercore…). 

Blockchain & cryptoassets evolve rapidly, and we have to adapt quickly. Our teams benefit from 30 R&D days per year to guarantee you with the most up-to-date expertise. 

Our teams do not like to develop blockchain bullshit projects. We don’t push for blockchain if it is not a relevant technology for your project. 

Accustomed to constantly evolving technologies, we know how to work rapidly and efficiently, and adapt to new technological or legal constraints. 

Beyond our strategic and technical expertises, we often involve lawyers or specific industry specialists in our projects. 

Our brands

Our team

Alexandre Stachtchenko

General Manager

Stanislas Barthelemi

Advisory Manager

Charles Aubert-Couturier

Head of projects

Charles Neyvoz

Sales Manager

Agathe Jambu-Merlin

Sales Manager

Salomé Tibloux-Galas

Project Manager

Hélène Jacquinet



Adrien Lafuma


Antoine Yeretzian


Clément Jeanneau


Emilien Dutang


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