Blockchain for your business

Blockchain technologies have demonstrated their potential in numerous sectors: banking, insurance, transport, retail, energy, real estate, music industry...

We help you seize blockchain opportunities and leverage their potential with our cross-industry experience. From ideation to production, we are your Blockchain Partner.

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Our expertises

  • Building tailor-made blockchain and crypto solutions
  • Strategic and technical analysis of blockchain projects & solutions
  • Critical data anchoring and timestamping
  • Consulting, keynotes and trainings on blockchain & crypto

Our credentials

The founding team

  • CEO
    Claire Balva

    CEO of Blockchain Partner. She helps large companies identify relevant blockchain usecases, et turn these ideas into real experimentations and (then) applications.

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  • Cofounder | General Manager
    Alexandre Stachtchenko

    Speaker and expert in blockchain governance issues, he helps CEOs and leaders in their blockchain strategy. He is also the President of the Chaintech association which gathers the French speaking blockchain actors.

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  • Cofounder
    Emilien Dutang

    Expert in the technical issues of the blockchain, he is one of the pioneers of the French ecosystem in which he has been an active member since 2011.

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  • Cofounder | Head of Partnerships
    Antoine Yeretzian

    In charge of Blockchain Partner’s partnerships, he helps public and private organizations explore the opportunities enabled by blockchain technologies for their business.

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  • Cofounder | Head of ICO & Tokens services
    Clément Jeanneau

    Expert in ICO and tokens issues, he regularly publies analysis on blockchain technologies and token economy in the media (Les Echos, La Recherche…) and studies on these topics.

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  • Cofounder
    Adrien Lafuma

    Expert of the different blockchain protocols, he co-founded several companies in the blockchain field, and is a pioneer of the French ecosystem.

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