Blockchain Partner’s DNA: A unique set of expertises

Blockchain Partner was founded in 2017, from the merger of Blockchain France, a blockchain consulting start-up, and Labo Blockchain, a start-up specialised in technical development of these technologies. Our expertise relies on three complementary cores:

  • Innovation consulting: working with your teams on concrete blockchain use cases
  • Development of proof-of-concepts and blockchain applications, from a testing perspective to a deployment perspective
  • Legal expertise to assess projects compliance and train your legal department

Our approach

Agile approach
  • Each company has its own approach of digital transformation. We adapt.
  • We operate in small teams, able to pivot rapidly during our missions.
Partner approach
  • Ecosystem dynamics: we’re able to source complementary expertises if needed.
  • You are a stakeholder of the solution, for an optimal deliverable.
Guaranteed efficiency
  • Your time is precious. With us, no bullshit or endless meetings.
  • Average time of our Proof-of-Concepts: six to eight weeks.

Our team

Claire Balva


Alexandre Stachtchenko

Cofounder | General Manager

Emilien Dutang


Antoine Yeretzian

Cofounder | Head of Partnerships

Clément Jeanneau

Cofounder | Head of ICO & Tokens services

Adrien Lafuma


Maxime Hagenbourger


Lorène Jaouen

Head of Key Account Management

Chloé Dru

Project Leader

Augustin De Maintenant


William O’Rorke

Blockchain Legal Advisor

Philippe Métais

Blockchain Developer

Thomas Chataigner

Blockchain Developer

Philippe Pinceloup

Front-end Developer

Laure Fourteau

Office Manager

Antoine Simon


Arthus Chambon

Blockchain Developer

Yosra Helal

Blockchain developer

Wassim Hanahem

Front-end developer

Stanislas Barthélémi


Albert Dessaint