Blockchain Partner’s DNA: A unique set of expertises

Blockchain Partner was founded in 2017, from the merger of Blockchain France, a blockchain consulting start-up, and Labo Blockchain, a start-up specialised in technical development of these technologies. Our expertise relies on three complementary cores:

  • Innovation consulting: working with your teams on concrete blockchain use cases
  • Development of proof-of-concepts and blockchain applications, from a testing perspective to a deployment perspective
  • Legal expertise to assess projects compliance and train your legal department

Our approach

Agile approach
  • Each company has its own approach of digital transformation. We adapt.
  • We operate in small teams, able to pivot rapidly during our missions.
Partner approach
  • Ecosystem dynamics: we’re able to source complementary expertises if needed.
  • You are a stakeholder of the solution, for an optimal deliverable.
Guaranteed efficiency
  • Your time is precious. With us, no bullshit or endless meetings.
  • Average time of our Proof-of-Concepts: six to eight weeks.

Our team

Claire Balva
Emilien Dutang
Cofounder | Managing Director
Alexandre Stachtchenko
Cofounder | Head of Strategy
Adrien Lafuma
Cofounder | CTO
Antoine Yeretzian
Cofounder | Head of Partnerships
Clément Jeanneau
Cofounder | Head of Content & Communication
Chloé Dru
Project Leader
Sylvain Laurent
Systems Engineer
Raphael Pralat
Blockchain Developer
Augustin De Maintenant
Jean-David Lavaud
Blockchain Developer
Maxime Hagenbourger
Blockchain Developer
William O’Rorke
Blockchain Legal Advisor
Fabien Palazo
Blockchain developer