The most experienced player in the French market

We have successfully developed blockchain projects with 60% of the 40 largest French listed companies. We help them understand, explore, and set up blockchain technologies. Here is a selection of some projects we made.

  • 30 blockchain projects developed (proof-of-concepts, MVP, implementations)
  • 40 exploratory workshops
  • 150 trainings on blockchain technologies

Partner of the French Central Bank

    We have been working with the French Central Bank as soon as 2016 on the MADRE project, which has moved on to a production phase since the beginning of 2018.

    • The project: decentralizing the SEPA creditor identification registry and the assignments of these identifications
    • This was the first implementation of a blockchain project for a central bank in the world
    • Results: drastic reduction of processing times from several days to a few minutes due to simplified interbank information sharing ; substantial cost cutting for the French Central Bank.

ANFR : Design and development of a functional blockchain application

    The National Agency of Radio Frequencies in France (ANFR) has called on Blockchain Partner to develop the Blockchain des Fréquences (Frequency Blockchain). It is the first participation in France of a state agency to a blockchain open to users.

    • The project : open a new way of managing open frequency bands, fostering a proper self-organisation of stakeholder (media, event organizers...)
    • Our work : we built the blockchain, the smart contracts and the UX
    • The platform will be used for major events (eg : 2024 Olympics Games) and has been tested for the 1st time during the Tour de France 2019

Aéroports de Paris (ADP) Group : training sessions, workshops and proof-of-concept

    We have assisted ADP Group on its blockchain initiative, from the discovery phase to the application technical development. We have applied our well tested three-step method :

    • Internal conference for ADP employees : presentation of blockchain technologies, their use cases and their limits
    • Exploratory sprint with ideation workshops to identify the most relevant use cases
    • Proof-of-concept development : ADP documents anchoring into the blockchain

Quality line : raw materials traceability within the cosmetics industry

For a major player on the cosmetics sector, we have developed a blockchain Proof-of-Concept that allows the supply chain stakeholders and the end-consumer to trace all the life of the product with a web & mobile app. Our client wanted a trust system to track the origin of the goods bought by customers, in the context of a global strategy “Responsible products for 2020”.

Large mutual insurer : custom-made exploratory day

    We organized a blockchain exploratory day for 20 collaborators of a mutual insurance group.

    Morning : Workshop « Academy » to present blockchain technologies, their use cases and its potential.
    Afternoon : Workshop « Ideation » to develop the use cases with Blockchain Partner experts.
    Results : more than 30 custom-made blockchain use cases were identified. Three of them were further developed to write the specifications.

Datatrust: our plug & play solution

    Datatrust leverages the Ethereum blockchain to create proofs of integrity and existence of digital files: documents, pictures, sounds etc.

    • In a few clicks, Datatrust generates a PDF certificate.
    • This certificate ensures the existence and the state of a file at a given point in time.
    • Numerous relevant use cases: intellectual property, proof of insurance, fake prevention...