Our convictions

Blockchain technologies offer unique opportunities to rethink organisations and processes, and explore new markets. However for many industries they also bring the risk of being disintermediated by new entrants.

Being proactive in the blockchain field means being able to position as a leader in your sector, in order not to bear the consequences of your competitors’ choices.

Our Services


Executive awareness
  • Help the top management thoroughly understand blockchain potential
  • Synthesis of practical learnings from real experiments
Training sessions
  • Understanding blockchain business challenges
  • Sessions content: how it works, real usecases, , challenges, limits


Exploratory workshops
  • Identifying blockchain usecases for your company
  • 10 to 20 people; clear deliverables to start experimenting
"Blockchain culture" box
  • Structuring and training your teams on blockchain
  • Digital academy, presential trainings and ideation workshops


Strategy consulting
  • Anticipating the risks and business opportunities
  • Building a tailored approach: scope, team, method
Due diligence
  • Assessing your blockchain projects (internal and/or external)
  • Technical, business and legal audit


  • « The support of Blockchain Partner fully meets our expectations, with a critical mind on this technology. »

    Jean-Christophe Labarre - Head of Partnerships & Innovation
    RCI Bank and Services

  • « The workshops were very well conducted by Blockchain Partner and fully reached our objectives, helping us find relevant usecases for our business. »

    Stanislas Borowski - Innovation Project Manager

Our credentials

Your contact

  • Partner - Head of Blockchain Strategy Department
    Alexandre Stachtchenko

    Speaker and expert in blockchain governance issues, he helps CEOs and leaders in their blockchain strategy. He is also the President of the Chaintech association which gathers the French speaking blockchain actors.

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